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#1 Portuguese CLEVO Reseller

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With a combined experience of over 30 years, our three founders were key participants in the initial and continued growth of our projects.

Hardware Experts

Our different business are focused in the delivery of the best hardware. This means the best parts and technology the industry has to offer.

Setting the Standards

Even if a site is beautifully designed, it is an empty shell without content. Our Online Stores aim for great design and great content.

Latest News


CLEVOCENTER is our current biggest and most successful project.

  • It is currently the number one performance laptop reseller in Portugal
  • It features one of the most advanced online shop website
  • With extremely detailed product description
  • Advanced User Account area with full online chat support
  • Product configurators and product drivers Downloads
  • Currently splitted in two top notch webservers
  • Reaching 1400+ clients in just over a year

About Us

We are Hardware Technicians, IT Experts, Designers and Innovators.

We build and invest in platforms to bring you only the best products.

We are currently working in four totally different departments.
From laptops to servers, from mobile to online.
We´re working to bring amazing projects to life!

We create solutions.
Hardware, Software and Online Development is our world.
All of them are related!

We started with CLEVOCENTER 
but we are bringing new and exciting things to our clients

Stay tuned for more RIGHTPROMISES projects.

  • Crafted with love

    Our Hardware Department craves for nothing but the best parts and assembly techniques for our products

  • Curious by nature

    Our staff´s know-how and continious curiosity ensures that all our latest technologies are delivered, in top shape, to our clients

  • Premium Support

    All our different business areas have plenty in common, one is our premium support

  • It´s all in the web

    Our Web Development department is always working to produce the best online solutions for our products

Our Future

What can our clients and business partners expect from us?

RIGHTPROMISES main projects will always be direct-to-client based, and will always be presented in our website.

But we also have side projects and in-development projects, they tend to have a forward focus. Our company pours resources into researching everything from mobile technologies to heavy duty workstations, from meticulously crafted web-code to in-house assembly techniques–and, of course, pinpointing what all of our clients will be doing or using in the future.

We don´t care for what is the most profitable, where´s the fun in that? We care only for what will immerse us in hours of development to be able to offer a high-end product with a low-end price tag, we know it is a titanic task, but what can we do? It´s worth it when you get awesome client feedback.


CLEVOCENTER is the only direct client sale service at the moment, but we do work with other companies. We have offered exclusive solution both for hardware and software to big TV Content Producers, Architecture Design Offices, 3D Land Mapping Experts and even Creative Multimedia content makers.

The future? It´s simple, we will be bringing our side and in-development projects to our clients, and hopefully you will love them as much as we do.

What others say about us

Bruno Pereira

Very good service … helped me in every step of my order. Delivery was made in next working day and that´s excellent. It was the best experience i ever had with an online store. Recommended.

Bruno PereiraclientCLEVOCENTER
Helder Silva

… After my first difficulty with my new equipment i could only witness the professionalism and the highest level of support … my problem was solved in a record time … i thank all the CLEVOCENTER team.

Helder SilvaclientCLEVOCENTER

… The assistance i got from the site was always very thoughtful, and clear … I´m very happy with the service and i would recommend this store to anyone.

Tiago Marques

I´m extremely happy with my new laptop … i am even more happy with the quality and speed of the support, either online chat or the CDP in Oporto … i´m positively surprised.

Tiago MarquesclientCLEVOCENTER